“Such fun!” ✮✮✮✮✮

"Whilst on a lazy holiday, a friend of mine (who lives in St Lucia), asked me to go zip lining with her as this place was apparently amazing. Everything was fun, from the minibus journey - a good hostess making us laugh and ensure the whole bus knew each other's names and hints and tips for the adventure of zip lining. Once there, you can get a locker to put your stuff in ( remember to bring extra bug spray and put on before heading in). You are fully knitted out in the safety gear, and then off to 12 zip lines. Your guide will take your camera and take photos / videos for you. There is quite a climb every now and then, but they have thoughtfully put out water stops, so you can rehydrate. This is in a 'jungle', so the air is still and it is very humid, so prepare to be hot and sweaty. The actual zip lining is just so much fun, great views and just exhilarating! There was one couple who were nervous, and the crew took such great care of them. My friend and I just 'yippee kiy ayed' down most of them. You can order food to be ready for you when you finish. Very good value for money and a great time away from your all inclusive beach holiday."

Visited September 2016


From Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

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“The Views From The Higher Lines Are Amazing!” ✮✮✮✮✮

"The all around experience of this adventure was incredible. My husband and I did the ziplining experience in May on our honeymoon. We absolutely LOVED it. even starting from the ride to the park, it was a great experience. This was my first time ever ziplining and I am very afraid of heights. My fear only built up when we were on the way there and our guide on the bus told us that a guy actually pooed himself once. I looked at my husband with terror... The guide on the bus was hilarious and kept us entertained the whole way. When we got there we were suited up and walked to the lines. They do have you sign a waiver, of course, which didn't help my nerves. Each couple was assigned one person who would help them through the whole park. This person also took pictures and videos for us, so that was really nice as well. It took out that hassle. There are 12 lines and most of them are a decent length. If you go too slow, you wont make it to the end of the line and youll have to pull yourself to the ramp. I forgot to mention, if you get youre feelings hurt easily, this probably isn't a good excursion for you. The whole group likes to pick fun at people and they certainly did a lot of it. Anyway, the experience we had on this excursion was amazing and we both agreed that it was the best thing we did in St. Lucia."

Visited May 2016


From Leonardtown, Maryland

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“Zip Line Adventure!” ✮✮✮✮✮

"The facility is amazing and well staffed. It is quite a well run operation! The zip lines were well placed and lots of fun. Unlike overpriced and under delivering US facilities, Tree Top has 12 total lines with differing lengths and speeds. Something for everyone! The staff is well trained and everything is very safe and secure. The cafe has great food to eat when you are finished and the prices were very reasonable. Transportation from our resort was included, so all we had to do was show up and have a great time! The location is set in the rain forest along, and some even over, a river. If you are looking for a great time at a great price, this is your adventure!!"

Visited September 2016

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“Staff Went Above and Beyond!!!!” ✮✮✮✮✮

"We had a complex experience, on the way up to the park my husband (young guy) started experiencing a medical issue. The guide and driver were aware and attentive, once we reached the top a fellow passenger (nurse) assessed and recommended he go back to the ship. After much discussion I decided to stay with my oldest son and my younger son went back to ship with my husband. (please know my husband insisted I take my oldest on the zip line, I did not willingly abandon him) The driver James raced back down the mountain with my husband in town keeping an eye on him constantly. During our zip line journey our guide went above and beyond with my son and I helping us record our adventure. He took footage via our GoPro and with our camera. If it weren't for him we would not have had any pictures. The park zip lines were AWESOME!!!! I'm scared of heights and all the staff made you feel so comfortable you forgot how high up you actually were. We did not book it through the cruise ship to save some money and the schedule was just fine getting back to the ship. Overall would highly recommend this trip for the fun, the professionalism of the staff, and the experience of zip lining through a rain forest.

btw, turns out my husband was just fine and upon getting stateside has checked out fine with the doctor here-think it was an allergic reaction (thank goodness)"

Visited June 2016


from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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“Great Time!” ✮✮✮✮✮

"What an amazing excursion for a vacation or honeymoon! The staff here were amazing and I had never been zip lining. They made sure we were safe and had fun and our guide even took our camera and got some great videos and pictures of us on the lines and the sights to see. I was so impressed with the little tour before getting in our harness and learning about all the plants and nature of the rain forest. The faculty really went above and beyond to make sure we had a blast."

Visited September 2016


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“Amazing Zip Lining & Excellent Staff” ✮✮✮✮✮

"My husband and I went on our zip lining trip from Sandals Halcyon with our guide, Simple. He was funny and entertaining during our hour long trip to the park. Upon arrival we were set up immediately with Daniella (sp?) who was sweet and funny and ensured our zip lining trip was full of adventure and fun. She had my husband's phone and took tons of great photos and videos of us as we zipped through the trees. The Park has 12 zip lines and it looks like construction is ongoing to add more. This certainly tops our list as far as the best zip lining locations with some excellent views. Highly recommend."

Visited October 2016

Allie R

Chicago, Illinois


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